FALKE Perfect Skin Colours

The natural look of perfection

Perfectly matching your skin tone

Perfection creates personality. The FALKE Perfect Skin Colours range is as varied as the different skin tones.

A perfect range of cosmetics for beautiful, radiant-looking legs

Flawless make-up naturally matches your look, making your face appear radiant. FALKE Skin Colours uses this same effect for your legs. Choose your skin colour from the Perfect Skin Colours range and give your legs the cosmetic effect experience.

With experience comes flawless quality

FALKE has created stylish and high-quality fashion for self-assured women who demand perfection. FALKE is the leading expert in high-quality hosiery. The Skin Colour range is based on decades of experience and knowledge of the needs of the modern woman.

Choose the colour that‘s right for you

Ultra-transparent or transparent. There is something for every woman in the Skin Colours product range.