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Pure Shine

The new era of shimmering transparency

You make the most exacting demands - on yourself and on the things that surround you in your everyday life. With FALKE Pure Shine 15, FALKE is unveiling a uniquely innovative series that admirably satisfies your desire for the best quality, first-class comfort and a fashionconscious look.

The high-quality, specially refined fabric made of high-tech yarns ensures that FALKE Pure Shine 15 is particularly fine-meshed and hard-wearing; in addition, its delicate transparency and seductively silky sheen make a fashion statement. Its slightly enigmatic characteristics lend your legs a natural impeccability and make it a highly coveted accessory to both classic business wear as well as fashionable outfits.

The FALKE Pure Shine 15 range also offers sensational comfort for the wearer: the excellent finish ensures a perfect fit on your heels, legs and bottom; the moisture-regulating material properties provide unique comfort, even when temperatures are rising - ideal for when you're travelling around a lot.

The FALKE Pure Shine 15 range includes tights, stay-ups, knee-highs and socks.